Titan Fitness EZ Curl Bar for Strength Training, Home Gym Equipment, 47

Titan Fitness EZ Curl Bar for Strength Training, Home Gym Equipment, 47
Titan Fitness EZ Curl Bar for Strength Training, Home Gym Equipment, 47
Titan Fitness EZ Curl Bar for Strength Training, Home Gym Equipment, 47
Titan Fitness EZ Curl Bar for Strength Training, Home Gym Equipment, 47
Titan Fitness EZ Curl Bar for Strength Training, Home Gym Equipment, 47

Titan Fitness EZ Curl Bar for Strength Training, Home Gym Equipment, 47

Titan Fitness EZ Curl Bar for Strength Training, Home Gym Equipment, 47. An EZ curl bar offers new ways of gripping your barbell, allowing you to target different muscle groups. With it, you can work your biceps, triceps, deltoids, and abs. Depending on what exercises you perform, you can also target your legs and glutes.

This curl bar is designed to help you perform curls. You can do spider curls, skull crushers, and preacher curls. You can also perform rows, presses, and extensions.

In no time, you'll attain the fit and lean physique you've been steadily working toward. Using this barbell is incredibly easy, thanks to its diamond-knurled surface.

The knurling helps you securely hold your barbell in place, even if you sweat. Its convenient grooves offer stability as you work out, so you don't need to worry about it slipping out of your hands. This curl bar is ideal for home gyms and personal gyms. You can also use it in your garage or basement.

Because it's made from high-quality material, this barbell is even suitable for outdoor use! This curl bar has a length of 47.125 and weighs approximately 14 lbs. There is 6.5 allotted for your plates. It can hold Olympic plates that have a 2-inch center opening. The sleeves also rotate to make placing the weights on it easier.

The knurled hand grips measure at 7.5. This curl bar can support a weight capacity of up 200 lbs, so you rack on plenty of plates. Its ergonomic design allows for better hand positioning, so you can firmly hold your curl bar. Start getting ripped with the EZ Curl Bar by Titan Fitness. HELPS BUILD MUSCLE DEFINITION: Are you looking for that tightened and toned effect?

You can achieve it with the EZ Curl Bar by Titan Fitness. This powerful piece of equipment allows for a total body workout, giving you the opportunity to work your upper and lower body. Perform muscle isolations on your biceps, triceps, deltoids, quads, hamstrings, abs, pectorals, and more.

MAKES CURLS EASIER: This curved bar makes performing curls easier as the curvature gives your hands a firmer grip. You can do a variety of curls with this barbell, including spider curls, skull crushers, and preacher curls. You can also do upright rows and triceps extensions. This barbell is intended for use with 2-inch Olympic weights.

KNURLED TEXTURE: Working out means working up a sweat. Perspiration can make it hard to get a firm grip on your equipment.

Fortunately, our Olympic bar features diamond-knurled hand grips that are designed to give you a sturdy grip. Don't worry about this barbell slipping out of your hands. Its convenient grooves help you securely hold the bar in place while lifting. GREAT FOR HOME GYMS: Use this barbell in either your home gym or personal gym. It's made from a high-quality material that is both durable and long-lasting, so you can also use this barbell in your garage or basement. Add this useful piece of bodybuilding equipment to your fitness accessories today! DIMENSIONS: This barbell is 47.125 in length. It has knurled hand grips that measure at 7.5.

The bar has a weight space of 6.5. It can hold Olympic weights that have a center opening of 2. This bar also has rotating sleeves, which help securely hold Olympic plates.

It weighs approximately 14 lbs. And can support a weight capacity of 200 lbs.

Features: - Ergonomic hand position - Diamond knurled hand grips - Rotating sleeves - Holds Olympic sized weights - Maximizes both comfort and safety Specifications: - Length: 47 1/8" - Knurled hand grips: 7 1/2" - Weight Space: 6 1/2" - Weight Size: 2" center opening - Capacity: 200 lb - Weight: 14 lb. When it comes to our company culture at Titan Brands, we've always followed one simple rule: provide our customers with the absolute highest quality of customer service that we can. Titan Brands got started by building up a hard-earned reputation, based around making sure that each customer will leave satisfied enough with their experience that they'll want to spread the news to friends and family by word of mouth. We remain fully committed to not losing sight of that reputation, and our team is always willing to accept the challenge of making sure that you not only walk away from your shopping experience satisfied, but that you'll look forward to coming back in the future. The Titan team believes that providing you with an exceptional level of communication and service regarding your order is just as important as providing you with the equipment and supplies you need.

Our full-time teams of sales, support, and customer service representatives work in-house and around the clock to ensure that you won't have to worry about any aspects of your order once they're in our hands. Simply place your order, and leave the hard parts to us? We pride ourselves on providing a fully-featured, in-house customer experience from start to finish. In other words, we don't pass the buck once your order has been placed. That way, if there are any questions or concerns you might have about your order, our team is always a stone's throw away and able to quickly help.

We're always happy to answer any questions that you might have! As part of its evaluation of any claim, Titan may request that additional information be provided and/or may also request an inspection of the Product. Absent any agreement made in advance of any third party undertaking any work to repair any Product, Titan will not be responsible for any such expenses or costs. Accident, damage, negligence, abuse or misuse.

Improper assembly, installation and/or maintenance (if applicable). A purpose or application in any way different from that for which it was designed. Dispute Resolution by Binding Arbitration. The parties agree that arbitration shall be conducted pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.

And administered under the Commercial Dispute Resolution Procedures established by the American Arbitration Association ("AAA"). The parties agree that should a dispute arise regarding the scope of this arbitration provision, the question of scope shall be delegated to the arbitrator(s) for determination. The arbitration proceedings and results are to remain confidential and are not to be disclosed without the written agreement of all parties, except to the extent necessary to effectuate the decision or award of the arbitrator(s) or as otherwise required by law.

Feel confident knowing you can return an item for any reason up to 30 days after it has been delivered! If you receive a product and need support understanding it's use or need support troubleshooting any issues you are experiencing, please reach out to us to ask questions or have us review videos or photos of your concerns.

We will be more than happy to help! Are you afraid of digging deeper into your pockets only to transport your bumper plates or power racks? Titan Fitness has got you covered.

We're well known for providing budget-friendly gymnastics, strongman, and training equipment. All our services are geared at your complete satisfaction.

Well, that's not the case with us. We don't include any exceptions or any additional charges. If you place your order before 11 a. However, this only applies to in-stock items.

We deliver most of the products within three days, thanks to our warehouses in various places, like Tennessee, California and Mississippi. CREATE YOUR PERFECT GYM AT HOME. Titan Fitness allows you to create your perfect gym at home through affordable and highly rated fitness equipment. Our products are considerably less expensive.

In fact, most of them are half of what other companies provide. That said, the equipment's price is one of the critical things that you should take into account when creating the perfect gym for your home. If you have limited resources, you won't have to worry about sacrificing your equipment's quality or features. We'll ensure that you have it all. Titan Fitness is undoubtedly a step ahead in so many aspects.

Our home gym services have a great combination of quality products and features at an economical price. Whether you want to add new equipment for your gym at home or you want to turn it into a fitness center, we can help.

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Titan Fitness EZ Curl Bar for Strength Training, Home Gym Equipment, 47

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